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Aer Lingus Cara Magazine Interview


Now featuring in this month's in-flight Aer Lingus Cara magazine, an interview with our CEO, Ann McGee. The interview titled 'A day in the life' comes following our win at the 'Aer Lingus Start Up Awards 2018'. The interview provides a great insight into the daily routine of Ann and her busy [...]

Aer Lingus Cara Magazine Interview2019-04-05T13:18:37+01:00

EMA now operating from Amsterdam


Following the European Medicines Agency leaving its London premises on 1 March, the agency is now operating from Amsterdam. The staff will gradually move into the Spark building in Amsterdam Sloterdijk. The EMA has been working hard with the Dutch authorities to ensure these temporary premises would be ready to move into [...]

EMA now operating from Amsterdam2019-03-13T14:39:05+01:00

Are there Brexit contingency plans for the pharmaceutical industry?


In relation to the decision on whether a deal will be made or not on Brexit, the outcome will have a big threat on pharmaceutical research and manufacturing in the United Kingdom, the industry has said. This will potentially be driving up manufacturing costs and minimising future investment. A range of companies [...]

Are there Brexit contingency plans for the pharmaceutical industry?2019-04-26T10:31:57+01:00

EU-FDA MRA: Soon all States on board


The EU Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with the USA was increased by two further countries. The companies that have been included are Poland and Slovenia. At present, there is a total of 22 countries recognised. Germany is still missing from this Mutual Recognition. A deadline has been established for all authorities and [...]

EU-FDA MRA: Soon all States on board2019-02-20T10:25:10+01:00

UK amends GMP and GDP Regulations


There is still a very strong possibility that there will be a “Hard Brexit”. The term “Hard Brexit” refers to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union without a deal. The UK Government is now preparing legislation to allow the continued sale of and access to medicines manufactured in the remaining EU. [...]

UK amends GMP and GDP Regulations2019-02-01T14:10:03+01:00

EMA begins process of moving to new Amsterdam HQ


The European Medicines Agency has begun the process of relocating to their new headquarters located in Amsterdam. The EMA will leave its premises in London on the 1st March 2019. They will temporarily move over to the 'Spark Building' (Orlyplein 24, 1043 DP Amsterdam, The Netherlands). This temporary location will hold visits [...]

EMA begins process of moving to new Amsterdam HQ2019-01-30T14:11:49+01:00

MIAS Pharma – Irish Times Article


With the prospect of a hard Brexit growing more likely by the day, Mias Pharma’s offering to the market could hardly have been timelier. The company offers pharmaceutical firms from outside Europe access to the single market and European Economic Area (EEA) by providing them with the required manufacturing and importation authorisations. [...]

MIAS Pharma – Irish Times Article2019-01-30T13:52:44+01:00

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